The highway passes Huadong Valley and the scenic views are different in 4 seasons. This highway leads the tourists to the beautiful landscapes in Eastern Taiwan. On the rich soil, there are various cultures blended here, Minnan, Hakka and Indigenous cultures can be found in the architecture and cuisines. On Provicial Highway 9, no matter you are influencers, parents with children or seniors, can all feel the fun of agritours.

Taking Selfies and DIY Tasty Food

From the floral sea to rice waves, tea gardens to fruit trees, rice meals to desserts, the more you travel around, the happier you are

Spring Fun

In the end of winter and beginning of spring, the fields full with rape flowers become the scenic spot. And the farmers show up for seedlings in the paddy and fields of the valley. The fun of tours is even highlighted in a moderate temperature.

Summer Delight

Huadong Valley in summer is so lively that the flowers, fruits and rice extravagantly express their charm. The packed schedule of activities epitomes the richness of Taiwan agriculture. The valley in every midsummer is worth visiting.

Autumn Joy

The appreciate the color changes in Provincial Highway 9, you have to come in Autumn, when there are blossoms and dying flowers as well as the green seedlings and the golden rice. In the transition of colors, travelers can always find the beauty of Autumn.

Winter Sweet

In Winter, rice will be stored in the warehouse, and the plants for crop rotation, instead of the green rice seedlings, are grown in the paddy and become a sea of flowers. It was supposed for farmers to stop planting and get the nutrients back to the soil, but in the eyes of the travelers, the view is a fantastic background for photo shooting.

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