Provincial Highway 3, also called the highway of inner mountains, mostly goes through uplands where culture is rich, output is bountiful, and seasons are distinct. It is a highway worthy of repeated visits. In stark contrast to traditional norms for travel, contemporary tourists have opted for slow, in-depth trips, for example following farmers into their fields to pick fruits, going up mountains to see the flowers of the season, drinking tea made with tea leaves that are cultivated locally with local soil and water. These all enable the travelers gain deeper impression and appreciation of where they have visited.

The farming scenes along Provincial Highway 3

32 routes to guide tourists to farms and fields


The weather is getting warmer, and buds are emerging on branches. Do you also feel the arrival of spring? Hurry and take off your heavy clothing. Follow the flowers, the fruits, and the fragrant teas to their homes in a mini trip to show the natural beauty to the world.


The hot summer sun hangs high above, making it a perfect time for an outing. Especially during the long summer vacation, why not schedule a fun-filled, interactive parents-and-children trip for the entire family to visit farms, fruit orchards, and tea farms to experience various fun and learning activities, to get close to the locals?


The days are pleasant, a little cool in the sun as maples turn red and pomelos emit sweet scents. These are just the perfect time for gray-haired couples and friends to get out of the house to pick fruits, have tea, and reminisce about the old days while traveling along the rich terrains of Provincial Highway 3-leisurely and cheerfully. Pomelos are ripened.


Winter is the season for the whole family to get together. Strong, chilly winds cannot dissipate your desire for the whole family to take a trip together. Don't be fooled to think that cold means lifeless. You only need to be a little more mindful to notice that sakuras, red as blood and in full bloom, are there to greet your whole family. Orchards are having bountiful harvests.

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