New Taipei Cit Ruifang Dist

The Fairy’s Eatery

The Chinese yam in Shuangxi is said the food of fairy. The wild Chinese yam is very sticky because of the mucoprotein and digestive enzymes that help digestion; therefore, it is a good and healthy food. Chinese yam in Keelung is indigenous and ranked World No. 2, because there is only a small amount of production, it is less affordable and competitive. The Farmers’ Association in Ruifang District assisted farmers to develop the Chinese Yam pastry and founded Tian Ma Ma in 2003 in hope to promote the Chinese yam pastry and improve farmers’ life.

Chinese Yam Steamed Bun and Toast
There are ten some products related to Chinese yam, such as Chinese yam steamed bun, Chinese yam kuih, Chinese yam toast and Chinese yam dorayaki that make the Farmers’ Association in Ruifang District famous for the Chinese yam pastry. The white and puffy Chinese Yam and Milk Steam Bun. The golden steamed bun is made of the dough with Chinese yam, pumpkin seed, and lyceum. It is chewy with various ingredients, a new healthy choice for health-concerned group.
Chinese Yam Dorayaki and Chinese Yam Kuih
Chinese Yam Dorayaki is another featured pastry. The creamy Chinese Yam filling is folded by the bun, which is fried to soft and fluffy. Chinese Yam Kuih has the Chinese yam, carrots, preserved meat or veg ham in the rice powder material, and made in the traditional method. Pieces of white Chinese yam can be seen and it has the soft mouth feel that makes it a “magnum opus ” of salty desserts made of Chinese yam.
Ginger Lily Rice Dumpling

Ginger Lily Rice Dumpling doesn’t use synthetic fragrance. When the steamed rice dumpling is unwrapped, the strong aroma of ginger lily emanates. There are ten some desserts made of Chinese yam for different occasions such as the Chinese Yam Rice Dumpling for Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Yam Cake for Mid Autumn Festival, Chinese Yam Rice Dumpling for both Lantern Festival and Winter Solstice, the Chinese Yam 8 Treasure Rice Cake and Chinese Yam Red Rice Steamed Sponge Cake for Chinese New year. These moms make these Chinese yam products with great care and efforts that they well deserve the name of Chinese Yam Experts.

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