Recommended Tianmama Certified Restaurants

Route 1: {Visiting Guishan Island in Lanyang, Tours that Adults and Children can Enjoy}

Don't miss the scenic spot, Beach Park at Yongzheng, Zhuangwei in Yilan, where you can stroll on the fine sands and watch the beautiful view of Guishan Island in distance. The ocean view is especially magnificent at dawn and at dusk. Stopping by  Mrs. Guan’s Garden Restaurant , visitors can relish the gourd dishes that can't be found in other places. There are also parent-and-child activities such as ice sautéing, bamboo rafting, ship riding in the fields to enjoy the day.

 Hsiyuan Restaurant  is at a garden trail in Dongshan Township, Yilan County, which is 5 minutes away from Meihuahu Scenic Area. The signature dish, “Homegrown Chopped Chicken”, has a tender and chewy texture, especially the chicken skin. Don’t miss this tastiness when you come to Meihuahu in spring.

Route 2: {Biking along the 17-km Coastal Line, Bringing Handmade Souvenirs Home}

Coming to Fulle Leisure Fishing Farm -visitors can process mullet roes and take children to Crescent (Xinyue) Sand Bay to play the sands and trod water. There is also an elephant shaped slide for children to have fun. It is in the Fishing Port in Nanliao and the seafood set menu is available every day from the daily fish harvest. No matter it is a family get-together or a couple date, all can easily place orders to meet their needs.  Yuheyuan - a Tianmama certified restaurant is the elder’s favorite. Having fun in Nanliao, Xinchu, you must bring the handmade rice snacks home!

Route 3: {Taking deep breaths in Qingjing during Chinese New Year, Greeting the New Year in Xitou or Zhinan Temple}

 Yuanmeng Leisure Farm  is on the way to Qingjing Farm in Nantou, and if you’d like to taste the most authentic Seediq dishes in Meixi Tribe, this is the right place to come. With the advent of Chinese Lunar New Year, tourists and visitors come in droves to Zhinan Temple in Zhushan (Mt. Bamboo), where you are recommended to stop by at  Half Sky Bistro  in Lugu, a Tianmama certified dining place. No menu dishes include the quality oolong-tea-smoked chicken and the traditional flavor, “bamboo shoot balls” which are unique tastes in no other places.

Route 4: {The Old Street in Nantun, Say Your Prayers to Matzu in Wanhe Temple}

Coming to Nantun District in Taichung, you can’t miss the old streets with long history here. You can not only say your prayers at Wanhe Temple, but also visit Jute Cultural Center to understand the unique local crop. And if you’d like to try the slightly bitter but also sweet after taste Jute, go to  Tianmama certified Jute Pastry Shop  (Linjinshengxiang) which has a history more than a hundred years. Its exquisite package and unique flavor is the top gift choice!

Route 5: {Quality Rice in Guanshan and the Straw Maze for the Floral Sea, Breezes in Luye Highland}

The straw maze 2.0 by Highway No.9 takes up a larger space than it was last year and there are different varieties of calliopsis in place this year. They are about to be in full bloom in the floral garden about 5 hectares large at the end of January. Visitors are recommended to stop by  Rice School in Guanshan  to taste the bowls of quality rice produced here. And after the meals, head to the Terminalia mantaly Green Passage in Longtian Village, Luye, you can stroll around at a slow pace and watch the tea gardens and fields on both sides. To have more fun in the slow trip, we recommend the  Tianmama certified Fujie’s Place to taste the unique red Oolong tea. Her handmade peel peppers are also great souvenirs from the eastern coast!

Tianmama certified restaurants and bistros are all around Taiwan, and here is the list for the authentic Tianmama flavors: