Hualien Guangfu Tour Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area Natural Festival in Valley

Here, you are in intimate proximity to the earth, like treading barefoot on the ground. This might just be the enchantment of Hualien. If one anthropomorphizes Hualien, it would undoubtedly be a real charmer that makes you fall in love with it.

Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area: A Base for Ecological Restoration

Nature Classroom in Huadong Rift Valley
  Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area is located at Guangfu township in Hualien. Fataán means pigeon peas in Amis, people of indigenous tribes in Taiwan. The Leisure Area is the main region where the indigenous people used to plant pigeon peas. With changes of lifestyle, pigeon peas planting gradually declined and the farmlands have laid fallow. Over time, they have become natural marshes and have bred a diversity of birds, frogs and demersal fish with abundant underground spring. Fireflies have also been attracted to inhabit this pure and uncontaminated environment.

  The Shinliu Farm in Fataán wetland bears educational responsibilities of environmental preservation and land conservation. Feuding River in the Farm is an ecological classroom where children and adults can learn to utilize the ancients’ wisdom to live in harmony with the land. For example, Palakau fishing experience is performed here, it is a traditional fishing way of the Amis. Using bamboo tubes and subcostate crape myrtle, a common vegetation distributed in lower altitude of Taiwan, to make a square fishing net. The technique provides shelter for the fish, catches only the larger ones and releases the smaller ones to ensure a steady supply of food. By doing so, the Amis not only maintained a plentiful harvest of fish but preserved their traditional culture.

  In addition to fishing experience, Stone Fire Pot, a traditional cooking method of the indigenous people, is definitely worth trying. Without modern utensils like pots and gas in the past, the ancestors could only improvise with the resources they had. Containers were made out of bamboos from the mountains, fish and shrimps were caught in Fudeng River and wild vegetables were from Fataán wetland. The ingredients were well cooked with heated stones. Not a piece of waste was produced during the whole process.

Glimmering Land: Firefly Season Feast

  The best season to have a firefly tour in Fataán is in April and May. Visitors might be more familiar with the well-known tour in Guangfu Danongdafu Forest Park. However, in terms of overall comfort, excitement and quality, Fataán firefly experience is no less impressive. Served with local cuisine, followed by a firefly admiration after a satisfying meal, visitors will certainly have a five-star glimmering experience.

  To witness the spectacular scenery of firefly river, favorable conditions of time and place are required. There should not be rain as fireflies only show up in clear evenings. Moreover, the timing for viewing is also crucial. Visitors must set off the tour just when the night falls as fireflies return back home to rest once it gets late in the night. In Fataán Area, the route for firefly tour is well-marked. By following the wooden path, tourists can enjoy the twinkling view along the way. The well-planned walkway not only prevents deviation from the path and missteps, but avoids disturbing fireflies’ habitats. While walking, please be mindful of the “firefly first” rule to prevent accidents.
  The fireflies in Fataán wetland are composed of two main species: the yellow-edged Aquatica ficta and the black-winged Luciola cerata. The species can be distinguished by the flashing frequency. The yellow-edged firefly is more distinctive with various frequency based on its mood; sometimes it flashes, sometimes it remains bright, or it might not glow at all. By contrast, the black-winged firefly has a more consistent flashing frequency. However, fireflies may flash rapidly when they are on alert. It requires close observation to identify them.

  The most appealing moment of the firefly feast event is witnessing their twinkling flashes, just like a stainless starry sky sprinkling upon the earth. One of the best part of Fataán Area is that fireflies are so thriving here that tourists can see them everywhere. When tourists find a suitable spot, a surge of fireflies will emerge in a moment. The magnificent spectacle is beyond description and will make the tour worthwhile.

  After the entire night of the glimmering river, don't rush to leave here. In Fataán, there are sights to see and activities to do from day to night. Garden Fataán, a lodge built of local shale rock, offers an excellent option to stay over. So, you may consider to stay for an extra night to experience the beauty of Fataán in the early morning, and have a romance with Hualien.

Bewitching Scenery in the East Coast: Valley Landscape in Color of Nature

  The Fataán wetland in the early morning is definitely worth a visit. Heading off around 6 a.m. is the perfect timing. At this time, the rolling hills blanked in morning mist and coupled with soft dawn light paints a picturesque landscape. This is a gorgeous view that you will never see in urban jungles. The wooden path where you watched fireflies the night before turns into the best spot to admire the valley. Besides, if you are lucky, you might have a close view of migratory birds foraging in the wetland.

  Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area aims to prosper the land with the mildest manner, and hopes that travelers treat nature with a sense of humility. In this way, memories can be preserved and the environment remains sustainable.

Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area
Add.: No. 55, Daquan St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County
Shinliu Farm
Add.: No. 60, Daquan St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County

Stop By Attractions

Tafalong Red Glutinous Rice Restaurant: Slow Food in Tribe

  Tafalong Red Glutinous Rice Restaurant is about 25-minute drive from Fataán Leisure Agriculture Area, it is located in the largest Amis tribe in Taiwan. This is a local restaurant combining tribal products with indigenous characteristics. The tribe primarily relies on agriculture, and red glutinous rice is the symbolic product. Therefore, to make good use of the local specialty, the restaurant has developed a variety of cuisine made from it. This is an indigenous culinary experience that you must not miss when visiting Guangfu.

Tafalong Red Glutinous Rice Restaurant

Add.: No. 15, Fuai St., Nanfu Vil., Guangfu Township, Hualien County

Stop By Attractions

Danongdafu Forest Park: Bathing in Forest

A 25-minute drive from Fataán Agriculture Leisure Area locates Danongdafu Forest Park, the first flatland forest park in Taiwan. It was originally a sugarcane farm operated by Taiwan Sugar Corporation, and has transformed into a comprehensive park fusing with forest, ecology and leisure activities. The Park is located between the Central Range and the Coastal Range where tourists can engage in rapeseed flower viewing in spring, experience the firefly admiration during summer, and enjoy autumn foliage in fall and winter. The park offers a diversity of scenic views throughout the year for you to explore.

Danongdafu Forest Park

Add: No. 32, Nongchang Rd., Guangfu Township, Hualien County