Journey in Middle-Age, Liberation in the Quietness

Come explore the inner world and the treasure trove in the nature! Here are 10 in-depth agri tours in Taiwan that offer you a chance to treat your mind, body and spirit well. It is time to treat yourself better! “The Journey in Middle-Age” for those who hit their 50s is a good opportunity to enjoy life and relax!

Qian Hu Chuan Qi Ecology Farm

Qian Hu Chuan Qi Ecology Farm is in the remote mountains in Shanxia, New Taipei City. It is renowned for the precious trout, perch in high mountains, Platypus and sturgeons cultured in the clear and cold mountain water. Sturgeons is high in economic value. Its bones are transparent and the soup slowly cooked from the bones is full of collagen essence which is a good choice for skin care. The Kitchen in Qian Hu Chuan Qi Ecology Farms will teach not only how to make sturgeon dishes, but also the culturing details. Learning the life of the fisherman enables us to cherish and respect every bite of the food materials we put into our mouth. OneDay Fishermen: come to enjoy the creeks and natures in Sanxia, and catch the fish in Qian Hu.

Schedule: . Walking in Farming and Fishing Villages . Joining Experiential Farming Activities to Connect with the Land . Harvesting Food Materials Grown by Farmers . Utilizing Local Materials to Make Dishes Together with Farm Experts . Relishing a Table of Tasty Dishes from Farm to Table . Certificate of Completion

Sungertain Ecology Farm

Sungertain Ecology Farm is located in Shidian Area, New Taipei City. It is a place dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and offers a combination of services, including teaching & observation, vacation, and dining. Due to the tranquil environment and quality water nearby, it is an ideal place to cultivate Reishi mushrooms. You would find tasty agricultural produce, healthy vegetables and fruits as well as a homestay here. Watching the magical Reish growing up is an amazing experience. Ganoderma lucidum (Antler) accounts for the main variety cultivated in the large farm currently. Reish grows in spring and autumn, so visitors may have the chance to taste it anytime upon visiting.

ツアー内容 : · Double Suite Room · Afternoon Tea for 2 (Reishi Coffee, Snacks, Fruits and Herbal Tea) · Dinner for 2 (Set Menu for Healthy and Tasty Reishi) · Experiential Activities for 2 (Herbal Tea Making and Foot Bathing in Cypress Buckets · Souvenirs for 2 (Reishi Coffee) It is time to treat yourself better! “The Journey in Middle-Age” for those who hit their 50s is a good opportunity to enjoy life and relax!

Flower Home

Flower Home makes flowers and herbs as its main theme and makes delicate use of their features to create a beautiful and relaxing field together with its ecological environment. The farm is environmental friendly for it adopts organic farming approach and natural practices that apply no pesticides or fertilizers. The farm features flowers of different seasons and makes its garden a tranquil space. Taking a slow pace to appreciate the arrangement of plants and flowers, together with phytoncide in the air, can release you from your stress and pressure. Visitors can also savor dishes with flowers as ingredients, DIY lotion and fragrance sachets, try foot bathing for good health and there are all sorts of essential oil products. To provide a comfortable and relaxing tour, the farm owner brings the flowers into the castle homestay and build a cozy environment surrounded by forests so that we, from the concrete jungle, can be recharged to start again in a true forest. Flower season: hydrangea (March to June), Siam tulips (July to October), Christmas Red (October to February), Foxglove (October to January), and orchid (year round)

Schedule: · One Night at the Double Suite with View · 2 Servings of Chinese Breakfast · 2 Servings of Hotpot with Mushroom and Pork · Foot Bathing in Essential Oils for 2 persons · 2 Glasses of Brewed Beer

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm located in Dongshan Tainan fully expresses the wonderful coexistence of people and mountains. Fairy lake means the lake in a wonderland because of the cloud sea in the morning, at dusk or after the rain makes the mountain peaks look like islands in the lake , that is why local residents nickname this place as Fairy Lake. Located on an independent mountain at 277m above sea level, the homestay is built along the mountain and the pool on the grassland of the mountain top connects the vast mountains and the plains where little creatures stroll around. Wild longan trees were all over here 200 years ago so it had developed a “kitchen and shack culture” and “the culture of making a living in the mountains”, so locals in Fairy Lake respect the spirit behind such cultures and create their own lifestyle with scenery, tours and stays, dining and drinking, agricultural produce in it.

Schedule: · One Night at Mountain View Double Room · 2 Servings of Chinese Breakfast · Dinner- 2 Servings of “Feast at the Treetop”

Long Yun Farm

Long Yun Farm is in the forest where clouds and mists linger year round, which is breath taking and makes it a perfect summer resort. ; walking along the forest trails, visitors not only have the natural views, but also enjoy rich phytoncide and ions in the air that are the blessings from Mother nature. And the farm serves tasty homegrown organic produce. What’s more, the bountiful ecology at the night time is amazing! Putting on the rain boots, wearing the bamboo hats, carrying the bags which is jokingly said the LV bag in the village and following the farm owner’s lead, visitors will get to know the toxic free vegetable garden, pick the vegetables, and then go back to the kitchen, where professional “farmer chef” instructs visitors how to make the local cuisine.

Schedule: Put on the farmer’s suit to pick vegetables, including the guided tour at the tea garden and stroll in the woods at 10:00. Return to the kitchen and make dishes (Oolong tea flavored rice cake/ Tea oil flavored chicken and noodles/ Fruit with aiyu jelly) Plating and DIY food tasting at 12:00

279 Shunfu Farm

Getting away from the busy life, visitors can tell the deeper connections between people and the land by the natural farming practices adopted by the farm owner of 279 Shunfu Farm. The passionate farm owner, Lady Zou, becomes a talker when it comes to Nigi (Cinnamomum osmophloeum), and she enthusiastically shares her lush fruit garden which is filled with treasures with all of us . There are Nigi, ambarella, giant lime, red fruits, and bergamot, a natural feast is in front of us as we enter the farm.

Schedule: • A guided tour (the five-sense feast: plant introduction, plant recognition and getting to know their features) • Connection between people and the land (Fragarnce, Medicine, Flowers and Herbs; the essence of the heaven and earth v.s. Olfactory and Gustatory Temptation ) • Hands on Experiences (DIY a souvenir to bring home: dyeing a shopping bag with natural plants.) • Welcome Gift (Specialty Drink on the Farm) • Souvenir ( 2 Packets of One Slice of Dry Lemon)

Stash Winery

Stash Winery in Toucheng Leisure Farm is sitting in the valley, a geological environment close to coastal line that makes it a great place to make great wine. Its own golden date garden and abundant confluence of water from river branches originated from Xueshan (Mt. Snow) are the base for its own golden date wine. And it is also the first winery in northern Taiwan built with green concept- the “water recycle system” is in place to water its flowers, grass, trees, ecological ponds. With oceanic elements, the garden is built by drift woods. The winery offers cellars for wine storage, and a combination of “5-star” dining services and experiential tour package is available. The interesting tour includes: bamboo shoot harvest in spring time, firefly watching at night, guide tours in the winery, DIY Passion fruits dipped in wine, a trip to “gold mining”, honey fermented golden dates, introduction to the grains, and wine making.

Schedule: A welcome drink of wine at 10:00 Herb picking and wine soup fetching from the cellars at 10:30 Wine tasting at the cooking studio (Crispy salad/Fried rice with roes and red yeast/Seafood and bread with handmade pesto sauce/ Colorful sweet soup) at 11:00 Food tasting at 12:30 Food and wine tasting at 14:20

Yungyeh Leisure Farm

Yungyeh Leisure Farm, a certified organic farm, owns a stretch of mountain and it has an open view with great nature in sight and a plethora of ecological resources. There are fruits all year around- peaches in spring, pears in summer, persimmons in autumn, and citruses in winter. There is also a studio for pottery making. Staying at the Pear Story Homestay, visitors can watch the moon and stars from their rooms as well as bird and firefly watching when the windows are open because of the trees in the surroundings. In summer, the sound of water running by would accompany you to fall sleep.

Schedule: · Fruit picking (peaches in April and May/pears in July and August/ persimmons in October and November/ Citruses in January and February) · 1.2 kilo of the picked fruits can be brought home · Happy Pottery Making: painting on the pottery and pottery making (one piece of work/each person)

Toucheng Leisure Farm

Toucheng Leisure Farm is around 120 hectares large and there are 3 rivers and creeks in it, so the water is bountiful for a diversified natural and ecological resources. Farming and education are introduced to the activities so that visitors can have fun on the farm during the farmstay. From the trip, visitors can find a healthy and organic lifestyle to fulfill the yearning for a simple life and fully enjoy the farmcation.

Schedule: A guided tour in the organic vegetable garden, an introduction to sustainable agriculture and food material picking at 10:00. Visit the Chicken Farm at 10:50 Learn cooking (fish ball soup with golden dates/ smoked duckling and winged bean salad/ 3-cup squids) and plating with a professional Swiss chef Enjoy the meal in a semi-alfresco environment with the beautiful nature at 12:50. Feed the cattle on the leaves not for cooking, stroll relaxingly on the farm and empty the mind by the creek at 14:30

Zuoye Cottage

Slow down our pace and go to the slow city-Sanyi where Zhuoye Cottage is and look for our “true color”. Zuoye Cottage is built with the concept “a village in the mountains”. Hidden in the lush forests, the garden is around 667 square feet and the owner built it gradually over 10 years, by himself to recreate the life in the farming village of the old times. So guests coming here can get a nostalgic feeling about the country life. There is a natural dye studio, the unique homestay, a vegetarian restaurant, and a blue-dye market that perfectly combines the farmers’ spirits and humanity elements. Wandering here, visitors are in an environment where the retro and pretty wooden architecture and natural mountain views make a picturesque scenery. The butterflies in summer fly around and the pictures taken here easily seize the beauty of it. A natural dye plant can be used for cloth dyeing and cooking. During the introduction and hands-on activities for a humanity and ecology oriented tour, visitors will learn farming practices that are soil and earth friendly, including from farm to table, natural food processing and the concept of green cooking.

Schedule: . Walking in Farming and Fishing Villages . Joining Experiential Farming Activities to Connect with the Land . Harvesting Food Materials Grown by Farmers . Utilizing Local Materials to Make Dishes Together with Farm Experts . Relishing a Table of Tasty Dishes from Farm to Table