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[Spring Travel Special] Central Taiwan: Enjoy Mushrooms in Xinshe, Spring Plums in Nantou

Special Series
Make Room for Mushrooms

Whether it is for family gathering, excursion with friends and family, or simply to enjoy natural scenery or the warm hospitality of farms, Taichung and Changhua are great places for both adults and children to enjoy harvesting, eating and appreciating mushrooms, and learning about mushroom ecology.

Mushroom Planting, Harvesting and Loads of Fun Activities

Magical Mushrooms Tribe Farm is where you can enjoy an entire day of fun. It offers a wide range of activities, including a guided tour to learn about the smart environmental control technology used to cultivate mushrooms, visit to a five-star clean room for mushroom cultivation, DIY mushroom planting, DIY brick-oven thin-crust mushroom pizza and healthy mushroom feast fit for the farmer god. After filling yourself with food, you will even have free rein to run barefooted on their massive lawn.

Located in Xinshe, Taichung, Xiezhong Street is also known as “Mushroom Street” because of the many mushroom farms that can be found along the street. Both A-Liang Mushroom Garden and Mushroom Garden are located on Mushroom Street. Within the cool and shady farms, you can learn about how mushrooms grow and even pick them yourself. The shops also sell a wide array of mushroom products. In particular, you should not miss out on the unique flavor of Mushroom Garden’s mushroom ice cream.

Mushroom Feast

Mushroom is an essential ingredient in Taiwanese cuisine. Magical Mushrooms Tribe Farm in Changhua grows their mushrooms entirely in cleanrooms, and serves flavorful mushroom hotpot and mushroom sauce fried rice that are cooked with freshly picked nutritional mushrooms.

Mushroom Garden, located on Xinshe’s famous Mushroom Street offers a wide array of mushroom products and mushroom picking activities. You can also make your own dish of steamed egg with mushroom, which is so easy even a child can master.

Merchant Information

Magical Mushrooms Tribe Farm
►Address: No.829, Liuqiao E Rd, Puxin Township, Changhua County
►Tel: 04-8521898
►Specially recommended: Fresh mushroom products and gifts, DIY activities, mushroom cuisine
Mushroom Garden
►Address: No.2-1, Xiezhong Street, Xinshe District, Taichung City
►Tel: 0978-288390
► Specially recommended: Processed mushroom products
A-Liang Mushroom Garden
►Address: No.131, Xiezhong Street, Xiecheng Village, Xinshe District, Taichung City
►Tel: 04-25810893
► Specially recommended: Fresh mushroom products and gifts

Welcoming Spring, Enjoying Flowers in Central Taiwan

The beginning of each year when the weather is at its coldest is the season for plum blossoms. Despite their short blossom season, they create the most elegant picture when in full bloom. You must go at the right time to experience the exceptionally romantic scenery of beautiful snowfall.

Besides the plum gardens in Nantou, Mei Agriculture Leisure Area is also an excellent place to enjoy plum blossoms. With its diverse range of experiential activities, you can enjoy the beauty of plum blossoms and craft pencils out of plum stems in winter, or pick plums and make DIY plum products in spring. Each season offers a different experience and scenery.

During plum blossom season, Shuili Township, Renai Township and Xinyi Township in Nantou are well-known spots for flower viewing. Find happiness by catching the flowers in full bloom this spring!

Farm Experience, Walk in a Garden, Plum Stem Craftwork

Xinyi Township in Nantou County is home to plums, attracting hordes of tourists during plum blossom season and picking season each year. Along the way there, you will see the vibrant pink of Taiwan cherry blossoms interspersing with the pristine white of plum blossoms against a backdrop of rolling mountains, creating the most breathtaking view for your camera.

Located at the foot of Yushan, Mei Agriculture Leisure Area is a well-known plum producing area.

There are plum-related experiential activities here all year round. You can view plum blossoms in winter and pick their fruits in spring. All year round, you can sample plum wine, indulge in a plum-themed feast, and craft a pencil from a plum stem carved with your name to create the most iconic souvenir.

Farm Cuisine, Native Flavors, Local Specialties

When touring Nantou, you must not miss its most authentic native flavors.
Located in Renai Township, Nantou, Yuan Meng Agri-tourism Farm serves dishes cooked with special local ingredients infused with traditional spices of the indigenous people, achieving a balance between traditional and modern diets, and satisfying the tastes of different customers.

Local ingredients used in their dishes include sweetfish, boar meat, free-range chicken, organic cabbage, bull tomato and golden tomato, while traditional indigenous spices used include ailanthus prickly ash, Japanese Angelica, Litsea cubeba (mountain pepper) and native mountain onion.

Merchant Information

Mei Agriculture Leisure Area
►Address: North Bank of Magpie Bridge, Sanbu 3rd Rd, Shangan Village, Shuili Township, Nantou County
►Tel: 0932830922
Liou Plum Garden
►Address: No.87, Yanghe Lane, Niuchoukeng, Ziqiang Village, Xinyi Township, Nantou County
►Tel: 049-2831191
Yuan Meng Agri-tourism Farm
►Address: No.80, Songyuan Lane, Nanfeng Village, Renai Township, Nantou County
►Tel: 0987-239826

Recommended Gifts

▎Shueili Township Farmers’ Association ▎
▶ Plum soy sauce, plum soy sauce paste
▎Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association ▎
▶ Green plum gift sets
▎Renai Township Farmers’ Association ▎
▶ Dayuling black tea