[Spring Travel Special] Northern Taiwan: Strawberries in Neihu, Tea in Maokong, Citrus in Hsinchu

Special Series

Welcoming Spring with Strawberry Farm Tour

With the strawberry season here, many strawberry farms within White Stone Cirque Agri-tourism Area in Taipei are offering a wide range of activities, including strawberry picking, DIY jam-making and strawberry dessert-making. Enjoy a farm tour this spring and immerse yourself in the delicious aroma of strawberries and the beauty of nature.

Berry Fun Strawberry Picking

Approximately 10 minutes ride from Taipei Metro Neihu Station, White Stone Cirque Agri-tourism Area has farms, orchards and restaurants on site, making it an awesome place to escape the bustling city and reconnect with nature. As strawberry is its primary crop, the best time to go strawberry picking is from December to May each year. A host of activities is offered on the site, including strawberry picking, DIY jam-making and strawberry dessert-making.

S.Garden Coffee and Farmily are two strawberry farms on site that allow you to pick strawberries, and experience DIY strawberry jam-making and DIY strawberry pizza-making.

►Address: No.38, Bishan Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City
►Tel: 0975-638-765

Strawberries are not the only sweet things in the White Stone Cirque Agri-tourism Area – there is the romantic “heart pond” too that will appeal to families and couples. Originally an abandoned spring, it was transformed into a wetland pond with a double-heart design, echoing the theme “finding happiness”. A wide variety of flowers are grown around the “heart pond”, creating a romantic atmosphere for visitors enjoying the seasonal flowers.

Vegan Kitchen in a Hidden Enclave

Located 500 meters above sea level on Yangmingshan, MeiG Farm and Restaurant is an idyllic hideaway in the city. Not only does it overlook the bustling night scene of Taipei City, it also offers the serenity of mountain view.

Not only is MeiG Farm and Restaurant a farm-to-table restaurant, it also conveys the true meaning of “understanding flavors, tasting flavors and appreciating flavors”. Understanding the characteristics of each ingredient and combining them in the best possible ways ensure that each dish is exquisite and bursting with the purest flavors of nature.

►Address: No.99, Lane 43, Pingjing St, Pingdeng Li, Shilin District, Taipei City
►Tel: 0905-169-176

Berry Sweet and Tasty Memories

S.Garden Coffee’s low-sugar strawberry jam, low-sugar sour strawberry jam, and even its incredible spicy strawberry jam, are made with carefully selected strawberries, ensuring their unique, irresistible flavors.

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►Strawberry jam:

Slow-living in Taipei, Enjoy Flowers and Tea

If you enjoy traditional teas, you should visit Maokong Agri-tourism Area to learn about local teas from the tea plantations and savor the unique Taiwan flavors that will evoke delightful memories all year round.

Beautiful Scenery and Good Teas in Maokong

Famous for its tea culture, Maokong Agri-tourism Area is rich in natural and cultural resources which makes it ideal for relaxing hikes and enjoyment of tranquility in spring. Its many tea plantations and established trails also make it easy for tourists seeking to relax their mind and body fully.

Maokong Agri-tourism Area is also home to many unique teahouses. While enjoying the lush green surroundings, tourists can experience activities such as tea making, tea sealing and tea ceremony, or savor locally produced Tieguanyin black tea and Wenshan Baozhong tea in the outdoor garden area. These teahouses also offer delectable cuisine infused with special teas, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of tea whether you are drinking or eating.

►Address: Lane 38, Section 3, Zhinan Rd, Taipei City
►Tel: 0989-104-127

Exploring the Beauty of Nature on “Potholes Trail”

Once you have eaten your fill, you can start exploring the many unique trails that bring you closer to nature and relax your mind and body. The “potholes trail” along the Circular Tea Trail, in particular, is prime example of the “pothole” topography unique to Maokong. You will also be intrigued by the spectacular riverbed of potholes from a bridge. Embark on a relaxing tour this spring to experience the poetic mountain scenery and soothing aroma of tea!

Citrus and Fish in Hsinchu

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Hsinchu is famous for its refreshing citrus in winter and delicious mullet roe dried by its distinctive strong wind in September.

Citrus for Auspiciousness and Good Luck

Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County is home to Taiwan’s famous citrus fruits. Farms here attract many connoisseurs, especially recommended are Oldman Farm and Dashanbei Farm. Besides picking fruits, you can purchase a wide variety of citrus products to bring home.

[Dashanbei Farm]
►Address: No.80, Dashanbei, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County
►Tel: 03-593-6439

[Big Hill North Moon]
►Address: No.80, Dashanbei, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County
►Tel: 03-593-6439

[Oldman Farm]
►Address: No.69, Neighborhood 6, Fengxiang Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County

Leisure Tour of a Fishing Port

Within Moonpark Agri-tourism Area, you can find a mullet farm, and experience the life of a fisherman or try your hand at sea fishing. The neighboring New Moon Beach, which is known for its fine white sand, offers opportunities to try windsurfing, riding dune buggy, paragliding, Taiwanese beach seine or surfing. Fengqi Sunset Trail, on the other hand, allows you to look out at the Taiwan Strait and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

►Address: No.51-1, Lane 69, Section 1, Xibin Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
►Tel: 03-556-2690

Delicious Mullet Dishes

An indispensable dish on Chinese New Year, the mullet roe produced in Hsinchu is made especially flavorful and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture due to strong September wind in the locality. Located within Moonpark Agri-tourism Area, Fule Leisure Fish Farm collaborates with Tianmama Restaurant to turn premium mullet and mullet roe into a wide variety of dishes that will appeal to tourists.

►Address: No.86, Alley 65, Lane 155, Section 5, Fenggang Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
►Tel: 03-556-2690

Bring Home the Taste of Fishing Port

Souvenirs are memories of how much fun you had on your tours. Made with sustainable aquaculture and freshly caught seafood, Moonpark Agri-tourism Area’s “fragrant XO fish sauce” is an aromatic XO sauce handmade the traditional way. Fule Leisure Fish Farm’s “Fengjiang Mullet (Roe) Gift Set” containing one-bite mullet roe, dried mullet floss and spicy mullet sauce is also great for self-consumption and makes a perfect gift.