【Spring Travel Special】Eastern Taiwan: Welcoming Spring in Lanyang with Kumquats

Special Series
Embrace the Sights of Lanyang and Taste of Kumquat this Spring

Visit the beautiful Lanyang plain and enjoy its spectacular mountain scenery. You can experience the rustic farm life in Yilan, pick kumquats to make fruit preserves, reminisce about your childhood, ride a bicycle through the countryside, and simply enjoy the fresh clean air.

Auspicious Kumquats, Thriving Succulents

Pillow Mountain in Yuanshan Township, Yilan, is so named because its gently rising and falling slopes makes it look like a pillow. As one of the earliest areas to develop recreational farming in Yilan, it has beautiful mountains, rivers and ponds, and even farms and orchards. With the scents of flowers and fruits enveloping your senses, everywhere you see is lush greenery and glittering water.

Kumquats grow in abundance on Pillow Mountain every spring. Besides picking the fruits, you can try your hand at making kumquat preserves at Agrioz, or create cute succulents at the farm.

►Address: No.18-6, Pocheng Rd, Zhenshan Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
►Tel: 03-9230785

Eco Cuisine, Native Cooking

[Flower Spring Leisure Farm – Delicious Clean and Green Food]

Greeting visitors to the farm is a vast sea of white ginger lilies and the light fragrance of the flowers permeating the air. The farm has a café, jaboticaba orchard, acerola cherry orchard, herbal garden, white ginger lily field, petting zoo, water playground, open-air café and observation deck. While touring the farm, you can also pick fresh vegetables yourself, make your own noodle and turn them into a fulfilling meal with braised pork provided by the farm.

Flower Spring Leisure Farm is the idyllic hideaway where everything you do puts you in touch with nature and everything you see make you forget the hustle and bustle of life.

►Address: No.15-1, Bajia Rd, Shangde Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
►Tel: 0919-221506

[Tianmama Atayal Cuisine – Special Indigenous Dishes]

Specializing in indigenous cuisine catering to the health-conscious modern people, the restaurant uses only freshly picked seasonal vegetables and natural seasoning, including Makauy (litsea cubeba / mountain pepper) and Tana (ailanthus prickly ash), in its dishes. Special dishes of the restaurant include “Tana chicken”, “boar meat with steam bun” and “Makauy sausage”. The restaurant continuously innovates its menu to attract customers with a diverse offering of creative and unconventional dishes.

►Address: No.2, Yulan Lane, Songluo Village, Datong Township, Yilan County
►Tel: 03-9801903

Sancengping Conservation Farm Pond in the Secret Forest of Bald Pine

The “Sancengping Conservation farm pond” is made up of several ponds on a slope divided by stone walls. Layers of running water, melody of water flowing and towering cypress trees combined create a landscape so beautiful and poetic it will captivate any visitor.

►Address: Besides No.3, Erjie Rd, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County