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【Spring Travel Special】Southern Taiwan: Relaxation in Qigu, Farm Living in Northern Pingtung

Special Series

Abundant Seafood in Relaxing Qigu

Qigu in Tainan is the best destination to savor fresh seafood and discover the charms of a small fishing town. In addition to the beautiful Qigu salt fields and freshest seafood anywhere, you can also experience strawberry picking at a farm, bamboo rafting in Cigu Lagoon, and feast on southern Taiwan’s famous milkfish dishes that are delivered straight from the farm to the dining table, at the nearby Shi Nan Agricultural Leisure Area.

Strawberry Picking, Bamboo Rafting

Shi Nan Agricultural Leisure Area

After the meals, visitors can also go to the trails nearby to enjoy the nature and relax their body and mind. Among the trails, the pot hole trail in the Tea-Garden Encompassing Trails fully shows the unique terrain of “pot holes” in Maokong. Visitors can see the pot holes on the river bed from the bridge and enjoy being in the magnificence of mountains and rivers. It is a leisure trip “Visiting the Home to Quality Tea, Go Hiking in Green Mountains” in spring time!

At Shi Nan Agricultural Leisure Area, you can ride a bamboo raft along its west coast, which gives you a spectacular view of the sandbar topography and Taiwan’s largest lagoon. You will learn about the diversity of the estuarine ecology and even get a glimpse of migrant birds if you are lucky.

►Address: No.48, Xinan, Xinan Village, Qigu District, Tainan City
►Tel: 06-7871919

Authentic Seafood, Flavorful Goose

[Chang Ying Seafood House – The Milkfish Expert]

The aroma that greets you upon entering Chang Ying Seafood House is the crispy fragrance of “Chang Ying fish fillets” sizzling on a griddle. Cut from the top back part of the milkfish, the mouthwatering fish fillet is especially fatty and succulent, and there is no oil splatter when the fish is frying due to their skillful drying process. A must-eat item on the menu, the crispy fillets are tempting even to those who do not like fish.

Despite having many bones, the restaurant is able to remove the bones so skillfully that what is left is sweet, succulent fish meat that fish connoisseurs will approve. Another must-have item on their menu is the interesting milkfish sausage, which is sausage made from fresh fish meat.

►Address: No.484, Cian Village, Beimen District, Tainan City
►Tel: 0917-549736

[Goose Garden Restaurant – The Expert in Goose Dishes]

There is a goose restaurant in Xiaying District, Tainan, that is so popular customers come from far and wide just to get a taste of their delicious, succulent goose dishes. Originally a grassroot organization set up by local farmers for goose production and marketing, Goose Garden Restaurant was initially founded to boost their production and marketing efforts but saw a surprise business boom instead. Despite its simple décor, the restaurant became a must-visit destination for many visitors to Tainan because of its unforgettable culinary delights.

The secret to Goose Garden Restaurant’s delicious goose is its continuously improving culinary skill. In fact, its signature “honey tea-smoked goose” is the result of countless experiments to modify its smoking technique and spice formula. The restaurant eventually perfected Taiwan’s first tea-smoked goose and it is now the signature dish of Xiaying.

►Address: No.21, Zhongxing S. Rd, Xiaying District, Tainan City
►Tel: 06-6792318, 0955-967176

Fresh Seafood at Jiang Jyun Fishing Harbor

Unlike the ancient look of the old capital, Tainan’s west coast is a bustling fishing village packed with throngs of tourists and many stalls shouting their wares. Jiang Jyun Fishing Harbor is an important seafood auction market in Tainan. Before day breaks, fishing boats will return to the harbor to auction a head-spinning array of fresh catches. In baskets on the floor are the fishermen’s catches, including narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, white ribbon fish, Japanese butterfish, fourfinger threadfin, blackhead seabream, spear shrimp, red shrimp, blue swimmer crab, three-spot crab, cuttlefish, etc. Not only can you buy the freshest seafood in this seafood lovers’ paradise, you can also find a restaurant on site that will cook the seafood for you if you cannot wait to savor the fresh flavors of the sea.

At dusk, silence falls over the bustling fish market. The last rays of the setting sun reflect on the placid sea, coloring the fishing harbor orange-red as an occasional fishing boat cruises by. Tourists can sit by the shore and watch the beautiful sunset.

►Address: No.156, 157, Pingsha Village, Jiangjun District, Tainan City
►Tel: 06-7930460

Gentle Spring Sun, Farm Living in Northern Pingtung

Caressing your skin like a velvet blanket, the sun in Pingtung is no longer scorching and the wind no longer piercing cold. When touring northern Pingtung this time of the year, you may perhaps embark on an indulgent cocoa trip to Wanluan, or take a walk along the mountain roads and partake in fruit picking or goat-milk DIY. Unlike the noise and bustle of Kenting, it is peaceful and quiet here. You can truly feel relaxed as you look out at the spectacular Dawushan in the distance.

Farm Living Along County Highway 185

Yanshan Leisure Farm Area in Wanluan

A tour to Yanshan Leisure Farm Area in Wanluan will give you a panoramic view of southern Taiwan’s highest peak – Dawushan; orchards producing pineapple, coffee, guava, betel nut, banana and papaya along county highway 185 are reminiscent of southern Asia; and vast afforestation area covering a thousand hectare of flat land is suitable for family travel, allowing you to experience the warm hospitality of southern Taiwan.

Agricultural products are specialties of Yanshan Leisure Farm Area, which include nourishing goat milk pot, crunchy, sweet and delicious pearl guavas, and Pingtung coffee from the beautiful Dawushan. Visitors can also participate in a diverse range of ecological tours, coffee-making activity, and activities to experience indigenous, Hakka, Minnan farm village cultures.

►Address: No.2-55, Fuxing Rd, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
►Tel: 08-7810550

Romantic Roses and Fresh Herbs

Natural Garden Restaurant

Located on the lush green bank of Ligang River, Natural Garden Restaurant is not just a restaurant but also an herb farm committed to nature and the ecology. To ensure the health and safety of visitors, no pesticide or herbicide is used in cultivating their herbs, allowing you to get up close and personal to the herbs without worry. Along a corridor, water rains down an imposing straw-covered wall, providing a nice cooling mist in the air. A man-made river is also constructed within the farm which mimics the natural ecosystem. Not only can you find river fishes often seen in the Gaoping River but is also the ideal environment for amphibians to thrive.

Natural Garden Restaurant offers a host of herb-related experiential activities for different age groups, including herb planting, childhood games, cooking with herbs, and aromatherapy and related products.

►Address: No.126, Guojiang Rd, Guojiang Village, Ligang Township, Pingtung County
►Tel: 08-7722077

Grand Blossom Grange

Immerse yourself in the cleansing aroma of roses when you walk into the vast expanse of the organic rose garden – treat your nose to the fragrance of roses, hold a bunch of organic roses in your hand and savor dishes infused with aromatic rose. An exceedingly romantic place to enjoy flowers, eat flowers and pick flowers, it is the ideal travel destination for sisters, girlfriends and couples.

Located in Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, Grand Blossom Grange is Taiwan’s largest organic rose farm. It took years for the farm owner to create the right soil ecosystem, and to develop from an organic rose plantation to a rose-themed farm that combines agriculture, tourism and restaurant. During the rose blooming season from November each year to April in the following year, the farm is open to visitors for free. For every NT$100 spent on its exquisite rose-accented cuisine, you can bring home a rose picked from its rose garden and partake in DIY activity to make rose products.

►Address: No.118, Jiudong Rd, Jiuru Township, Pingtung County
►Tel: 08-7396588

Angel Garden Leisure Farm

Angel Garden Leisure Farm is Taiwan’s first orchid-themed leisure farm. In addition to having an orchid greenhouse, a massive lawn and sandpit, the farm also has the most eye-catching white chapel with glass construction.

In support of the environment and agri-food education, Angel Garden Leisure Farm’s globally inspired dishes use only safe ingredients from local farmers, e.g. non-toxic lemon, eagle-friendly red beans, Rock chicken and organic vegetables, serving healthy and delicious food to customers.

Besides food and beverages, the farm also offers a diverse range of DIY activities for visitors. Not only is it a place to learn about orchid ecology, appreciate the beauty of orchids and create orchid artworks, it is a unique venue for garden banquet and reception. You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind orchid-theme experience whether it is for a small gathering with family or friends, group dining, special celebration or wedding party.

►Address: No.101, Lane 120, Fuan Rd, Fengming Village, Zhutian Township, Pingtung County
►Tel: 08-7801699